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KFar Alters

Magic: the Gathering and other trading card alter artist.  Hand painted using acrylics.

•Some of Our Favs•

FaB Chaff Goblin Token

Commemorating our first Chaff Goblin event at the release of Everfest.




FaB Vest of the First Fist

Nothing says "First Fist" like Goku from Dragon Ball!




MTG Predator's Rapport

Classic extended art borderless alter


MTG Veteran Warleader

Everyone's favorite veteran, Cotton Hill,  leading the charge from atop his horse.




The Yarn Bard Shop

Independent artist following her dreams creating art to make others smile.

•Items Currently In Stock•

Handmade crocheted Bell Bag containing 3 random amiibo coins. Comes with a set of mini polyhedral dice.


Eevee-lutions as seen from behind crocheted by hand into coasters. Collect the whole set!


Handmade crocheted stuffed animal Pietro from Animal Crossing.  Love him or hate him, this cuddly guy has an amiibo coin sewed into his foot so you can integrate him straight into your game!


Handmade crocheted dice bag in the shape of the Great Old One.  His face tentacles double as drawstrings!


Erana's Workshop

Hand crafted jewelry and dice inspired by the romance and adventure of fantasy stories.

•Items In Stock•

Set of seven handmade polyhedral dice. Glass cores within all but the D4 contain actual Baja beverage! Choose from fully polished and inked (metallic purple numbers) or raw (only basic trimming - polishing and inking is left to you). Raw sets can be polished at home using a microfiber cloth and Meguiar's PlastX or your plastic polish of choice.


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